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U.S. And Foreign Amateur Radio Call Books

U.S.Naval Observatory Master Clock

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U.S. Call Books 

U.S. Amateur Callsign Lookup (QRZ)
Search By Call or By Name

Buckmaster's World Wide Callbook Server
US and Some Foreign. Gives Grid Squares, Lat/Long.

It has been brought to my attention that alot of the links to callbooks have changed and some of my links do not work. When I get time to update where they changed the URL for alot of the call books I will update my links...

Foreign Call Books

Multi Callbooks
German, Canadian, Guernsey, Taiwan, Finnish, HongKong, LX, Egypt (SU) Callbooks -- Temporarily Down

Andorra Callbook

Australian Communications Authority
Callsign Database

Belgian Call book

Byelorussia (Belarus) Call book

Bermuda Call book

Bulgarian Call book - LZ

Canadian Callbook

Corsica Callbook - TK

Croatian Callbook Source 1 - 9A

Croatian Callbook Source 2

Cuban Radio Amateurs Directory

Czech Callbook - OK

Danish Callbook

Dutch Callbook

El Salvador Call Book

Estonian Call Book Server

Estonian Call Book

Finnland Call Sign Lookup

French Call Sign Lookup

Greek Callbook - SV

Guatemala Callbook - TG

Guernsey Amateur Radio Callbook

Hong Kong Amateur Radio Callbook

Iceland Amateur Radio Callbook

Italian Amateur Radio Callbook

Latvian Radio Amateurs

Lithuanian QSL Information - LY

Luxembourg Call Book - LX

Malaysia Call Book

Philippines Call Book

Romanian Callbook - YO

Russian DX/QSL Info

Russian Callsign Database

Slovenia - S5 Radioamateurs Callbook

South African Callbook
From The SARL -- Includes South Africa (ZR, ZS and ZU).

South Korean Callbook

Tajikistan - EY

Yugoslavian Call Book

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