Amateur Radio Station



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My Station Equipment

U.S.Naval Observatory Master Clock

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My Towers

55 foot crankup tower

MA-40 crankup mast

22 foot American Tower

My Antennas

Cushcraft A3S with 40 meter add on - Tri-band beam 20m, 15m, 10m with 40m (picture below)

cushcraft a3s and cushcraft A14820T

Cushcraft A505S - Five element 6 meter beam

Cushcraft A14820T - 2 meter ten element vertical and horizontal beam (picture above with A3S)

G5RV wire inverted V antenna for 160 meter - 10 meter

160 meter wire antenna inverted V

M2 436CP30 right hand polorization (picture below)

M2 2MCP14 right hand polorization (picture below)

m2 satellite antennas

My Transmitters

Yaesu FT-1000D transmitter

Icom 706

Icom IC910H

Yaesu VX-3R - 2 meter / 440 HT

Kenwood TH78A - 2 meter / 440 HT

My Tuners

Palstar AT1500DT tuner

MFJ 949E tuner

My Amplifiers

Ameritron AL-811H - 800 watts
(95% of the time I don't even use it because 100 watts works very well)

My Misc. Equipment

Bencher Iambic Key

Heil Pro Set Plus

Rig Blaster Plus


Logwindows logging program

SATPC32 satellite tracking (controls radio and antennas)

MixW digital software

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